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Your digital marketing strategy can benefit greatly from using LinkedIn to help generate leads and increase brand recognition. In contrast to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, LinkedIn is a business-oriented platform made to support the development and maintenance of business relationships.

We will discuss the marketing potential of LinkedIn and offer LinkedIn marketing tips to assist you in expanding your clientele and network.

What is marketing on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is used by many people for both personal and professional purposes to expand their networks and advance their careers. LinkedIn is a great resource for expanding your business, though. The platform exposes you and your business to millions of connections, assisting you in developing connections with people and other companies to strengthen your brand.

At its core, LinkedIn is a business-oriented social network for professionals with a focus on connections, industry discussions, and career development. On LinkedIn, you can look for partners, employees, and clients.

How to create a business page on LinkedIn

Just like a business website, a LinkedIn business page is essential. If you have a company name and email address, you can create a LinkedIn business page without spending any money.