Are you unhappy with your current position?  Have you made numerous unsuccessful job applications?  Do you doubt that your career choice is the best one? Do you want to completely change industries? If you said yes to any of these questions, consider hiring a career coach.

Experts in career planning, resume writing, interviewing, and negotiating are career coaches. While you might only look for a new job or change careers occasionally throughout your life, these professionals are always assisting job seekers, so they are aware of the most recent hiring practices.

We consulted career professionals to find out everything you need to know about career coaches and when to hire one.

How does a career coach help people?

According to Rachel Bitte, founder of RB Consulting, having a career coach is fundamentally similar to having a brand awareness team.

These experts are aware of how to highlight your professional experience’s strongest points and present it to potential employers in the most favorable light, Bitte said. They have expertise in network building, career planning, motivational techniques, and, most importantly, resume writing.

Vicki Salemi, a career expert for Monster, states that job coaches frequently have extensive backgrounds in hiring or human resources.

They can assist you with many different tasks, she said. For instance, when working with my clients, we consider their long-term career goals, what they are currently doing, and how their next position might help them get closer to their ideal position.

According to Salemi, coaches hold their clients accountable in order to keep them on track as they search for their next position.