Cold chain transportation is a sector growing rapidly. With higher demand for medicine and vaccines, boosted by the increase in awareness after the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more companies require cold chain solutions. As such, the industry develops and creates new products that enhance the transportation of temperature-susceptible substances. In this article, we will focus on one particular revolutionary solution in cold chain logistics – Skycell’s 1500x Hybrid Container.

What are hybrid containers?

Before delving into the features of Skycell’s new vessels, we need to discuss what hybrid containers are. These are the shipping systems that use the energy of phase-change material (PCM) and are able to recharge without removing the media. As such, they can operate and keep low temperatures for a long period of time without plugging into a socket.

Although hybrid containers are quite better than the regular ones, they still are not a popular shipping solution. Yet, for the cold chain logistics, where the temperatures have to be kept during the whole transportation process, they are crucial.

Skycell’s 1500x Hybrid Container – what makes it so special?

The 1500x Hybrid Container stands out due to its state-of-art incorporation of technology and an effective design. It has a plethora of features which you can hardly find combined in other cold chain containers. These include:

  • High storage capacity with low weight – Skycell’s new hybrid containers are light (about -120 kg than usually), while maintaining a lot of space for storage. As a result, using them reduces the costs of transport significantly.
  • Sustainability – Unlike other hybrid containers, Skycell’s 1500x produces less CO2. With air pollution haunting our planet, this proves that it is indeed possible to combine efficiency with sustainability.
  • Security – The 1500x Hybrid Container has a plethora of security measures, which makes transporting medicine, vaccine, genetic material or even foods much more safe. The double door system that prevents humidity changes, a real-life temperature monitoring technology thanks to the use of IoT sensors, or an anti-vibration and shock absorbing design – all of these guarantee the most secure environment for your products.
  • Aerodynamics and ideal size – Skycell’s new hybrid containers are designed to fit perfectly into any cargo space or truck. Their size allows placing 4 of them on one pallet, with no space being wasted. What is more, they are easy to handle with a pallet jack and do not require unloading at the airports, accelerating the transportation time rapidly.
  • Long independent run time – Finally, these containers are revolutionary due to their extremely long run time without a source of power. The batteries can hold for up to 270 hours. Therefore, if they are fully charged, they are capable of going through the whole transportation process without the need for any additional, recharging stops.

Final thoughts

As you can see, Skycell’s Hybrid Container is a completely new, top-notch solution for cold chain logistics. This vessel proves one thing – you do not have to compromise between security and efficiency, if you use the right design.